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Have a good rest!


30 x 60 x 180cm

Hand embroidered with used-to-be nomad clothes, fashion waste, Sơn-ta-lacquered leaf skeleton.

From the bustling fashion scenes of London and Hanoi to the serene path of solo travel spanning Iran to Timor-Leste, since 2016, I have been embracing the ethos of "Busy Living Slow." In a world of fast-paced art industry, I realized the resonance between my Busy Living Slow lifestyle and Karl Marx's ideologies of work and the timeless wisdom that lies in Sei Shonagon’s The Pillow Book. "Have a Good Rest" is my ode to this unrushed pace, reminding us of the power of rest as both rejuvenation and resistance. Lay your head on my pillow book, and rest as you protest.

Means of Production Exhibition curated by Lunch Hour

at the Sheerly Touch-Ya and Shisanwu LLC warehouse, New York

Photos by Daniel Terna

at place to rest, museum and Khu tập thể's shared yard

Photo by Miên, Zel and Quế