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8100:1 (the altar series)

Found leaf skeleton, monofilament yarn, fabric, metal frame

300 x 270 x 270 cm


​VCCA - Vincom Centre for Contemporary Arts, Hanoi, Vietnam

Trees are living beings created by nature, just as we are. They were born from mother and father trees, growing up and getting old. Trees communicate through the microbiotas communities under the soil, live for centuries, holding natural knowledge and witnessing all changes in our universe. Watching humans come and go, trees give more to us than we could ever need, both physically and mentally. We remember our ancestors, honor our heroes and bow to the Gods, but what have we done for those trees who passed away? A dead tree should not be easily covered by replanting a new one. This human-size altar is inviting visitors to step in and offer themselves, praying to the spirits of the trees to the spirit of the tree who had fallen for the need of human.

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