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8100_1 altar-5.jpg

8100:1 (the altar series)


Found leaf skeleton, monofilament yarn, fabric, metal frame

300 x 270 x 270 cm


​VCCA - Vincom Centre for Contemporary Arts, Hanoi, Vietnam

Different from site-specific altar works which are dedicated to the trees and forests that were fallen for human needs, this altar is placed in white-cube space for the first time attempt, giving the artist the opportunity to observe how the audience would interact with the work. 

Spending 5 hours daily in a month, Mien offers a generous exchange of her 8100 minutes of leaf embroidery and building works, with 1 minute from each audience to still their heart, step into this human-size altar to pray for the spirits of trees. Because a dead tree should not be easily covered by replanting a new one, since the whole bio-knowledge of the lost ones was gone.  

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