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Mind and Machine Exhibition, Hai An Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City


200 x 200 x 150 cm


Aluminum and acrylic frame, recycled calendar paper maché and leave skeletons

Mind and Machine Exhibition,

Vietnam Festival of Creativity and Design

"Just-in-case" imitates the display of an immersive gaming station with a full surround screen and chair as a conversation between the seem-to-be-perfect AI realm and the human unperfect creation. Tracing paper - the cellulose fiber material used to be a key for precisely copying art and design works that are soon superseded by technology - is used to transfer my conversation with ChatGPT about making an altar for the spirit of the tree and the visual result generated by Adobe Firefly. Opposite is her paper maché altar made of recycled calendar, the man-made time record system, incorporating perspectives from her research on lost ancient rituals and indigenous knowledge. "Just-in-case" questions how we preserve and revive cultural practices in this AI era.
This altar is also foldable, lightweight, and easy to put in case for carrying in case of emergency.

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Mind and Machine Exhibition, Vietnamese Woman Museum, Ha Noi

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