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Embroidered textile banners

In collaboration with Moi Tran, teachers and students of Central Deaf Servise (CDS)

​Various sizes

SIGN CHORUS (2022) came into existence as a response to the original concept of 'Civic Sound Archive' by artist Moi Tran, as a gesture of reparation to the initial exclusive of non-verbal communication. Sign Chorus is made in collaboration with teachers and students at Central Deaf Service in Da Nang, Vietnam, importantly aims to represent communities where non-verbal expression is the dominant form of communication. This multimedia body of work looks to ask questions about the sonic worlds we register and recognise and those that are under-heard.


SIGN CHORUS manifests as a set of textile banner instructions for a non-verbal performance, replacing the conventional paper score. Installed in such a way that the audience is invited to engage, participate and perform the sign score as a gesture of communication and learning beyond listening.


The creation process of a textile installation led me to think about the under-heard trees and plants used as kind-of-hanger stuff, poll points, etc. for various purpose in our bustling cities. In between exhibitions in Da Nang and London, I try to install these works at neighbourhood park in Hanoi, watching people interact or ignore the signs while retaining their activities. Suddenly, I realize these installations somehow align with my practice of bring more visibility to these resilient trees and nature.

More about Sign Chorus

The score was first performed by the students of CDS in a unique exhibition of the work in Old Soul, Da Nang, Vietnam, May 2022. In addition, a performative film documenting the work has been created in collaboration between Moi Tran, Mai Huyên Chi,, Xuân Ha and the creation of a Textile installation in collaboration with Trần Thảo Miên.

Sign Chorus PEER LONDON.jpg

The Civic Sound Archive presentation at PEER is supported by The Foundation Foundation, Hello Again Hackney and National Heritage Lottery Fund. The Sign Chorus, shown as part of this presentation, was funded by The National Archives with support from University of East London.

Image courtesy of Moi Tran's website:

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