Trần Thảo Miên (b.1991) is a Hanoi-based artist. Her works explore the role of individual living beings on Earth, which she believes are individually, equally differently important.
Mien graduated from LCF, university of the Art London in Fashion technology: surface textile and has been working in the fashion industry since 2012. After 3 years travelling alone around Asia, to unfamiliar countries like Iran and Timor-leste, Mien has developed her embroidery techniques using monofilament yarn on found materials such as leaf skeleton, insect, fishnet and various types of fashion waste while searching for more sustainable materials. Since 2020, started working on expressing spiritual beliefs about nature.
She is also collaborating for costume, photograph and research with Choy Ka Fai for his on-going multidisciplinary art practice Cosmic Wander, which is presented in Berlin (Tanz Im August), Düsseldorf(tanzhaus nrw) and Singapore art museum since 2019.
She is also a founder of Collective Son Son