Trần Thảo Miên (b.1991) is a Hanoi-based artist. Her works explore the role of individual living beings on Earth based on the Vietnamese belief "Van vat huu linh" (all beings are with souls). ​Mien revisits the idea of the order of nature, where perspectives of the hierarchy are out of human hands. Holobiont is the initiation, in which Mien questions whether human thought, touch, and emotions are controlled by microbial systems inside and outside our bodies. The (tree) Altar series then invite trees back to their long-forgotten-sacred-position, where trees once were offered and prayed to in ritual activities of human. 


Graduating from University of the Arts London in Fashion technology: Surface textiles, she has been developing her embroidery techniques using monofilament yarn on found materials such as leaf skeleton, insect, fishnet and various types of fashion waste while searching for more sustainable materials. “My approach to nature should be as transparent as my sincerity, as soft as my materials, as tender as my embroidery, and somehow smooth and unconstrained, just like water.”

​Mien is also a co-founder of Collective Son Son, with the goal of creating a sustainable living space imbued with Vietnamese personality in modern times.