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Trần Thảo Miên (b.1991) is a Hanoi-based artist. Guided by the diverse tapestry of Southeast Asian culture along with her endless curiosity of modern environmental science, Mien intertwines spiritual essence into her soft textured sculptures, embodying reverence for “Vạn vật hữu linh” - Vietnamese beliefs of the individuality and equality of every living being on Earth, she reimagines the order of nature, questioning established hierarchies that lie beyond human grasp.


In her work "Holobiont," Mien delves into the intricate interplay between microbial systems and human consciousness, pondering whether our thoughts, touches, and emotions are guided by these microscopic partners. Her "Altar" series takes trees from their forgotten corners and restores their sacred essence, channeling the belief in art's mystical potency, which stands as a homage to the intricate relationship between humanity and nature.


Graduating from London College of Fashion, University of the Art London, majoring in Fashion Technology: Surface Textiles, Mien has developed her embroidery techniques using monofilament yarn on various types of fashion waste and found natural elements. “I let materials lead the path and flow like water, slowly and gently learning from them.”

Her works are exhibited nationwide, some highlights include Vietnam Museum of Biology (Hanoi), Heritage Space (Hanoi), Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (Hanoi), Old Soul (Da Nang), The International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE) (Quy Nhon), Pho Ben Doi (Dalat), Sofitel Saigon Plaza (Hochiminh City). Mien is also selected for Phu Quoc United Center Art Residency (Phu Quoc, 2021) and San Art Residency #2 (Hochiminh City, 2023).


Mien also co-founded Vietnam design award-winning Collective Sonson, which extends her passion for sustainability in creating modern living spaces infused with Vietnamese identity, appreciating and caring the beauty and vulnerability of the natural world.


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