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Open studio at ​Sàn Art Studio Season 2

Sàn Art Vietnam, Saigon, Vietnam

For San Art Residency, my intentions were modest – a small and delicate creation that could find its place within the vast white cube. Yet, confronted by the enormity of the space, a compulsion stirred within me, urging me to fill it with the myriad shades of white. This residency marked a pivotal trial in my artistic journey – an opportunity to harness the dimensions of a 3D soft sculpture.


Drawing upon my understanding of growth and genesis, I crafted a tree – a symbol of fragility, burgeoning from slender, vulnerable branches. The weeks ebbed and flowed, and a symbiosis evolved. I inhabited the space, and in turn, my creation inhabited me. The sculpture evolved into a living presence, commanding the very fabric of the space. With each meticulous stitch, I embarked on an odyssey, transmuting a colossal tree into a canvas of narrative, a symphony of resilience and renewal. Every thread woven, every branch shaped, was a testament to my communion with creation, a harmonious melody that resonates through the very fibres of life.

Untitled 1

Fabric, corset bond

500 x 500 x 400 cm

In the labyrinthine city of Saigon, where concrete trumps soil, a haunting sight emerged – the Hollong baby seeds strewn along every street. Their fate, sealed by circumstance, spurred a silent cry for a burial ground – a sanctuary where their dreams of towering alongside their forebears might endure.

Untitled 2

Hollong babies, concrete

various dimensions