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God-tex for the Uncle


Full set costume: Headwear, clothes, accessories, shoes.

Collaboration with Choy Ka Fai for Cosmic Wander project

Exhibited at CosmicWander: Expedition, Singapore Art Museum, Feb 2021

                                                                      and Tanz im August, Berlin, Aug 2021

Model: Dancer Nguyễn Duy Thành

Photographer: Miên and Minh

Throughout the 600 years of Đạo Mẫu, there were many new Gods and Goddesses has ‘entered’ the religion. Thus, when will Hồ Chí Minh - the leader of the Vietnam revolution - become the definite God in

the religion?


Here, I prepare the costume for his upcoming based on his testament. In his last words, he mentioned party rectification and emphasize

national unity. Until now, Southern Vietnamese people inside and outside of Vietnam still distinguish between the Bắc Kỳ (Tonkin), and Nam Kỳ (Cochinchine). Spiritually, we seem not united yet.


If Ho Chi Minh reappears as a God, he will have the power to unite people, family, and friends. As in all his life, he had tried new ideas, and new languages; his God life would be updated with new trends and technology, therefore I use God-tex to make his costume.

About Cosmic Gala

COSMIC GALA starts as costume part of CosmicWander - an ongoing project by Choy Ka-fai that explores shamanic dance cultures in Asia, delving into the process of sprit world across different communities. Cosmic Gala focus on the costume of Đạo Mẫu - the Mother Goddess religion in order to explore three questions: Who/Which God we worship, What we beseech, and Who we pray for. Each costume re-discovers perspectives, roles and impact of Dao Mau in modern life.

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