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Passing fancy


Embroidery with leaf skeletons,

silk organza and monofilament yarn

70 x 200 x 120 cm

Phu Quoc United Center, Phu Quoc,  Việt Nam

Within the scope of Phu Quoc United Center Art Residency, I ventured into the world of vanishing forests that surrendered themselves to luxurious resorts. Amidst these carefully tended, pesticide-protected trees, I discovered delicate skeleton leaves, residing in an oasis untouched by nature's trials.


These trees, along with the resort's visitors, seem to embody an existence detached from the mundane busy cycles of life. "PASSING FANCY" delves into this paradox. Do these trees truly find contentment in their sheltered existence? Do visitors immersed in this manufactured paradise find fulfillment detached from nature's rhythms?


Passing Fancy prompts reflection on constructed perfection's allure and its fleeting nature. It contrasts human aspirations with earth's enduring ecosystems, capturing the interplay between our ideals and profound truths.

More about Phu Quoc United Center Art Residency

​PASSING FANCY at its original place - Phú Quốc beach

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