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​Mekong Cutural Hub (MCH) Metting Point, Hanoi 2024

The Creative Action Fellowship Program invites 2 co-curators, artist TAN Vatey and art organiser Sinta WIBOWO, and 5 artist Fellows to collectively co-create experiences for the participants at Meeting Point.

The selected artists are coming to Hanoi early, and from 12th-20th March will be in full-time residency and preparation for the creative actions they wish to develop. During this residency period they will explore and exchange their own perspectives from the grassroots and then through art, creativity, physical action, or emotional sensing, collaboratively develop one or more ‘creative actions’ that they will facilitate during the Meeting Point.

The aim of these ‘actions’ will be to bring the Meeting Point participants into conversation and exchange on Meeting Point’s theme Perspectives from the Grassroots by making an experiential connection to the topic and the dialogue, as a contrast and a complement to the more traditional presentations, panels and intellectual dialogues that will also be included in the program.

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