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Embroidery with found threads and yarns

12 x 12cm

LEFTOVER started in 2012 with the aim of reminding people not to throw too quick: their old clothes, foods; their feelings, thoughts. All the pieces are upcycled from fashion waste showing that both organic and non-organic materials can be sustainable based on the way they are used and their lifespans.


Appearance is never as important and as cheap as nowadays. People are just moving toward a trend called sustainable and eco-friendly with their mass consumption habits. With the fast speed of producing, we might soon run out raw materials. All we have left will be rubbish. 

In 2018, with The Stuttgart-based Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (Ifa) - Pure Gold team, the project is continued. The goal is getting big companies to take real action, reduce and collect their own waste to reuse. 


Looking forward for younger generations getting their environmental education when consuming recycled products. Hopefully, the posteriori generations have better understanding about environment issues and continue taking care of the Earth with better consumer habit and an eco-friendly lifestyles.

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