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Embroidery with fashion waste -  threads and yarns

Various objects

Started 2012 as a response to the prevalence of disposable culture, LEFTOVER emerges as a demonstration to the transience of objects and emotions alike. Utilizing upcycled fashion waste, I unveil the potential of both organic and non-organic materials to embody sustainability based on their purpose and lifespan.


Amid today's pervasive emphasis on appearance, the concept of sustainability gains momentum, aiming to counteract the rampant consumerism. As production accelerates, we face the imminent depletion of raw materials, leaving behind a trail of waste. LEFTOVER serves as a rallying call, urging future generations to embrace environmental stewardship through mindful consumer behavior.


Drawing from my background within the fashion industry, bridging London and Hanoi, I turned against the industry's ecological footprint. My journey began in 2012 when I collected discarded yarns and threads, which ignited a pursuit to repurpose materials otherwise destined for disposal. Over time, the project evolved, gaining new dimensions with the support of Goethe Institute and IFA, culminating in the Pure Gold showcase. Here, my mission extends beyond creation to compelling corporations toward waste reduction and the promotion of responsible consumption habits.

Leftover 1


Exhibited in “Pure Gold – Upcycled! Upgraded!” (2019) at Heritage Space, Hanoi, Vietnam

More about Pure Gold Exhibition

Leftover 2 and 3


Various size