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From 2016 to 2018, after quitting my job, I was travelling solo from places to places.

This project started with the dream of being equal: traveling around the world alone - like many white girls had walked the street of Hanoi. I was aiming to cross the world with the second lowest currency in the world and my low-rank Vietnamese passport. I want to prove to younger generation that a 2nd world woman with their own weaknesses and strengths could do whatever they dream of. 

It was a personal project during my 20s crisis, but slowly it became my digital identity. People who know me before and during my travel time only see me as traveller, Someone who move constantly. 

Now, eventhough I have stopped travel for almost 3 years, people still see me as traveller. Everything I post, either it's a photo of my city, my own house or work place, friends on the internet still think I am on the road.

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