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A monkey with camera in TIMOR LESTE

When searching about Timor-Leste, there aren’t much information except the 1999 crisis and work of United Nation, it urges me to go and see this country.

During my 3 weeks in East Timor, I was a monkey in human’s world. We are very different in look but yet feel so familiar.

It was exciting at the beginning, like Columbus found Bahamas, and properly like a few first Westerners who stepped in Asia long time ago. It feels like I found a new land for only myself. Soon after, all the big, curious eyes were looking at me, some even touch me to see what I made of. I was a monkey with a camera. Starting from far away, hiding behind the trees, fences, slowly I got closer to them. We exchange stories, share food, laugh, hug. From almost an object, I became friend and leave the country as a family member.

How about those real monkey or elephant out there? 

How about those birds and bugs who lost their trees and stuck in our concrete jungle ?

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