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The devil ring in Singapore

“Buddha is too kind that he also cares for the devils. Thus, we ask Hindu Gods to help protect us “ – said by a residency in Yishun, a town that known as The devil ring of Singapore. 

In their 3 days ceremony, there are numerous events happening at the same time, all around me that make me questioning if it is a spiritual event or an art performance/festival. The practitioners wearing make up, spearing themselves and go into trans during the ceremony, with a vast number of audiences around. Are they the artists? They were in pain, they hurt themselves. It’s a scarification for what their belief. It seems difficult to understand, but are you sure you never hurt yourself? Mentally, physically or both?

Are you working in a job you hate? Or stuck in a relationship that make you feel pain? Or simply eating the food that not good for your body? What do you believe in when you do that?

* The real history of the temple is that in 1980s, some friends found statues of different religion on the beach and they build a small hut as a makeshift temple. Now this temple houses Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist deities, and a Muslim kramat (shrine).

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